My love for plaid prints continues well at least I’m not wearing something burgundy in this look I love to change sometimes other wise it would be so boring don’t you think LOL this is my other side of me actually wearing this trousers they are so classy and timeless I always remember my mum wearing this chic trousers and the way she dress inspired me love her style is crazy that now with the sale I got wild buying trousers when at this time last year I was actually buying jeans but I think my mature part is telling me buy trousers they are timeless and I’m listening to that little voice inside my head haha by the way I bought this trousers on sale for only 15 euros is crazy I seriously love the January months cause of the sales , hope you like this warm and cold  outfit Happy Tuesday you all.

Photos by (Carmen Leenen)

What I Was wearing:
Turtle neck sweater: courtesy of DRESSVENUS
Plaid coat: NOWISTYLE (Similar HERE)
Trousers: H&M (Similar HERE)
Heels: courtesy of Sacha
Bag:  Ps11 Proenza schoulder


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