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I Think I have never featured a guy in my blog before but it was about time, as I got so many emails from guys to post some inspirational post on how to be stylish and still look cool and edgy at the same time I post a mix of summer and winter style from Erwin Bloemendal.

I have been following Erwin quite a while ago I seriously got a style crush on this lad, I love his style  and he hair style  is like a chameleon, his pictures are really nice as well I’m not surprise to say that he even look like a model in all this pictures don’t you agree?

I love how Erwin style his winter looks with a scarf it give that edgy touch in his looks , I love colors in my outfits but for a guy I would say that dark colours look so sophisticated and edgy and specially if it is a leather jacket it looks so pretty cool, his accessories are always a scarf and a good bag you hardly see guys with a good bag but a guys bag is so essential.

Erwins sophisticated look with the blazers are so chic I love how he compliments his looks for example with a red bow it looks so chic .

Enjoy ! and tell me what do you think about Erwin



Happy Sunday Funday


Credits to Erwin Bloemendal



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