How I love sunny days specially when you can be bare leg I grab any chance to do so, this look is simple and casual I don’t use to wear black that much but love how this look looks paired with the blouse Happy sunny day everyone.

What I Was Wearing:
Hat: zara
sunglasses: CELINE
Blouse: courtesy of SHEINSIDE 
Shorts: H&M


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16 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Hi honey! you look definitely gorgeous! and congrats for your new shoes, you rock those Valentinos:)
    I’d like to say that, I stopped making look in my blog for 4 days, because innocent people were punishing because of making a resistance in a park for its trees. Me and my most blogger friends do the same in their blogs. Unfortunately our own media do not make any news about it because government do not want.sit my blog and see what happens in Turkey, everyday we go to big parks to make resistance and make the world hear our voices.
    Please if you have time visit my blog and read my last post.
    Kisses honey, love u! I want to come back with my fashion looks but I want peace more, that’s why we I only use my social platforms to spread these civil resistance.

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