The Abbey


The classic dresses are always the ones to stay in your closet, they can save ¬†you for any occasion I wear most of the times black when I don’t know what to wear .

Does it happen to you as well?

Normally I wear black with a red lipstick but this time I decided that I wanted something different and add this pink lipstick to this look ;D.

This shoot was made at the Abbey ruins in Whitby , just right on time for the sunset ;D most of the people though it was a dress but actually it is a crop top and a midi skirt so is always easier to combine them with some other pieces in your wardrobe .




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What I was wearing:

Top and Midi Skirt: HONOR GOLD

Rock studs: Valentino

Bag: Proenza Schoulder ps11

Bracelet: Balenciaga

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Earrings: Miriam Salat


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