The Last Cherry Blossom tree


What spring wardrobe is complete without that perfectly pretty floral dress? Whether you wear yours to a light lunch with the girls or dress it up for a warm night on the town, Floral dresses are always a must every spring season.

I love this dress as you know me from my previous post I was addicted to preppy collars blouses, dresses and this dress couldn’t be an exception the best of all is that is handmade  if you look closer at the details they are so pretty;D hope you all are having a great bank holiday so far.



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What I Was Wearing:

Handmade dress: Vjera Vilicknick

Bag: Monki 

Heels: Valentino




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7 thoughts on “The Last Cherry Blossom tree

  1. Very interesting facts. The blossoms are very fragile and delicate. I once heard the cherries bloom again for a short time in the fall; is this true? Life, like the blossoms, is fragile and only last a short time.

  2. Most Japanese schools and public buildings have cherry blossom trees outside of them. Since the fiscal and school year both begin in April, in many parts of Honshu , the first day of work or school coincides with the cherry blossom season.

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