Those Cobalt Blue Over The Knee Boots


When it comes to winter I don’t like to be boring and love to spice my looks with a little bit of colour, the moment I saw this electric over the knee boots I knew they had to be mine as I already have it in black I need it a happy colour in my life, at first I was doubting on getting them because of the colour but then I though this is a challenge.

So I will be styling this beauty in more looks and the good thing about these boots that they are so comfortable I can walk all day long in them without getting tired, they are  high quality suede leather and seriously they are an eye catcher on the street at least I don’t have to worry that everyone will have them eh .

Would you dare to wear bright colour boots? Yes or No would love to know in your  comments.




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What I Was Wearing:

Coat: Zara old similar HERE

Dress: H&M paris collection old similar HERE

Tights: Heist

Over the knee boots: Moda in Pelle

Bag: Bagenvy

Bracelet: Balenciaga

Watch: Daniel wellignton




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7 thoughts on “Those Cobalt Blue Over The Knee Boots

    1. Thanks so much hun, I know black is easier to combine and it looks great with everything , stay tuned for more cool outfits with these boots;D

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