Unbreakable Tights by HEIST


As a Fashion blogger my self , it has been hard to find the perfect pair of tights that they don’t break and that they last for a long time as Winter is here you will be wearing tights more often right?

I was surprise when I receive the tights in a  beautiful neatly boxed, befitting of their luxury status. This pair are the Opaque 50 denier in size medium with a high waistband but they also come in low waist.

I’ve ruined so many new pairs just by putting them on either by snagging them with my  nail so I’m so glad that now I found this unbreakable pair, I wore them in two looks already see pictures below ;D

So say Goodbye to ladders, I think they are pricey but as I said I use to buy  the most cheap ones  for €2 euros and twice I bought some expensive ones  from the Wolford brand but then I realise I pay so much money and they only last one day.

Have you ever experience tights that they don’t break before?

if not you should try these you won’t regret it :D.

Tights: HEIST

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