Unpredictable colours

Who would tell that I would had be walking on the street wearing this mix of colors one day and the day came yellow pink and purple together is an unpredictable mix well the peplum top has yellow on it so it goes perfectly together with the yellow pants the way I think about getting dress and how to combine things has change a lot through the years and I’m glad for that don’t like to be boring colors make everyone happy  ;D

What I was wearing:
Hat: H&M
Printed peplum top: Primark similar HERE
coat: zara
pants: Gifted  similar HERE
bag: ALexander McQueen
Heels:  Altraza  


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14 thoughts on “Unpredictable colours

  1. I love this look sweetie!!! The colours of your look are super beautiful my dear and very striking. I loveeeeee your jacket and I love the edginess it brings to the outfit and I must say I completely adore your hat, it’s such a cute and chic touch! 🙂

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  2. I love yellow and purple together. They are complementary colors. 🙂 And I am in love with your coat. I have been looking at a coat that is big and long like that at Forever 21. I think I should just buy it. I wish it got cold enough here for me to wear it a lot though. It never seems to get cold enough for big coats like that! <3


  3. Im so in LOVE with this peplum top ,the print is fantastic and this mini moschino belt is so cuutee dear!How can you be always so stylish&adorable?LOOVE YOU!:)XXX

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