What I Wore for Milan Fashion week ss15


I’m finally publishing , my Milan fashion week look hehe even tho is freezing right now haha can’t wait to finish all my Summer looks.

I love wearing off shoulder blouses in the Summer they are so fun and sexy at the same time ;D and everyone kept on staring at my gladiator sandals in Milan hehe.

This pictures were shot at the Duomo what an impressive building that is seriously love the architecture of it ;D

It was fun to be at Milan fashion week seriously is a different story then London and Amsterdam so much stylish elegant people everywhere was very surprise about that  no wonder they call Milan  the fashion city of the world <3



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What I Was Wearing:

Necklace: Choies

Off Shoulder blouse: New Dress

Skirt: Here

Gladiators sandals: Choies

Bag: Mulberry




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