What Would Blair Do?


What would Blair do?? haha I so wish the series continues I’m such a big fan of Blair waldorf well some of you know it already since you started reading my blog  that I always put her as a bron of inspiration for my posts.

A bowknot preppy blouse simple but sophisticated with my own touch and skinny jeans , I feel sad ;( that my pearl bracelet has  broken so I think I will get an other one by the zara ;D but hope to find an other one in a better quality <3 any suggestions please let me know!

Happy Weekend!

Virgit  xXX



j12 j13 j1 j8 j9 j14What I Was Wearing?

Sunglasses: Celine

Earrings: LoLobu

Bow Top: Romwe

Jeans: Mango

Bag: Denise Roobol

Heels: Saint laurent 

Watch: Michael Kors


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8 thoughts on “What Would Blair Do?

  1. Aaah, wat zonde dat je armband kapot is gegaan! Wel echt een prachtige outfit! Je haar en die zonnebril staan je prachtig! Ik ben ook echt gek op Blair. Ben pas net begonnen de serie te kijken, haha! Nu halverwege seizoen 2 😉

  2. Hello !

    I follow your blog since a while and now i’m living in Amsterdam since April.
    And i’m sure to saw you yesterday at Dam, i would have like to talk to you but i was too shy !

    1. Hi dear,
      Thanks for following me , and indeed I was yesterday AT THE Dam, next time would like to chat with you I don’t bite dear !
      Much love,

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