Wish I could Go back and reverse the time

Hello sweeties as you can see I got out of my gray day and add some colour to my outfit all this last days have been so boring cause they all sky is covering with black and gray cloud’s  but I wanted it to be happy and make others happy with my outfit cause like this you make your self shine don’t you think like I always said make your self shine if the sun doesn’t shine wish you all a wonderful thurdsday Besos
Ps: by the way my best girlfriend is going away she is the one I have to thanks for her amazing pictures that she took  thanks Gorgeous MALU <3





What I was wearing:
Blazer/bag: zara
turtle neck sweater/necklace: H&M
skirt: Monki
tights: topshop
heels: Karen Millen
gloves: river island
belt: Moschino Vintage


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29 thoughts on “Wish I could Go back and reverse the time

  1. Love love love the color combination as I said on lookbook, and I so agree with you! If the sun doesn’t shine, make yourself shines! That’s why I love to wear colors that much, because it really makes a difference in my mood and also people’s mood!
    Anyway, you look stunning my love <3

  2. Gorgeous colours-Tick,Beautiful accessories-Tick and amazing clothes-Tick!!! Sweetie you have styled this perfectly,i love everything,i really do! Especially your sequinned clutch and perfectly fitting blazer!

    Take care,Daniella xox

  3. Really pretty outfit, you look adorable as usual! And your title is interesting, i guess everyone wants to go back in time, and change that something that maybe have happened or something we’ve done, we wish we didn’t. xoxo

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