Wish I was wearing

It has been a really long time since I haven’t made a wish list  of what I wish I was wearing  and since I never got the time to make my birthday wish list here my list of what I wish I was wearing of course the gorgeous Chloe Suzanna boots are dream I’m happy with the ones I have is just the Chloe ones in gold look more luxury and my new obsession the Proenza Schoulder bag in burgundy is such a beauty the only thing I forgot to add is a hat or a cap to this look so that it looks pretty edgy and what is your obsession right now ???

  1. jacket: Topshop by Unique
  2. Burgundy bag: sold out but you can find it HERE PROENZA SHOULDER BAG  in different colour
  3. ANgry Dog top:  ROMWE 
  4. Gray skirt: ROMWE 
  5. Bracelet: H&M


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