Hello my beautiful friends!
I can’t believe that I forgot about  my blog anniversary yesterday  here I am writing my post  to share with y’all. What 7 years has been! It seems to have been a crazy whirlwind of emotions. But my blog has brought me so much joy to my life I seriously don’t know what I would have done without my baby, I have been going through some personal struggles in my personal life this last few months.
To be honest my blog is the only thing I’m not given up upon my dreams, I started reflecting what this 7 years has been like thinking about what I overcame, what I accomplished through all this years  In all honestly, I felt as if there is nothing too  exciting to report. Basically, I kept on  running my blog  Don’t get me wrong, there were many ups and downs, heartaches, frustrations, celebrations, so many fun moments and so much more throughout those years, I feel as if my life pretty much hit a standstill since I move to the UK and left everything behind in my beloved Amsterdam.
You all know that my blog is overall my place to share my love for fashion. I want to be up front with you all and connect with you all, because in all honesty, I have built some of the best relationships through running my little space on the internet and met the most amazing and talented people ever, if it wasn’t for my blog I would have never met them in my life. I love hearing from you all whether it’s through my blog or my social channels. I feel it is so important to let you all know what’s going on in my life because, well, how am I to connect if I don’t share? My life isn’t  far from perfect, and that is something I feel is necessary to make clear through sharing my struggles, what else is going on in my life  I’ve always said, if I can touch just one person’s life, all of the effort put forth is completely worth it to me, even though I can be very reserve on the internet as sometimes I feel like I shared enough of myself out there.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PREPPY FASHIONIST!  and wishing many more to come.
Photography Gemma Jamieson



Beret: Ebay similar HERE

Earrings: JustFab similar HERE

Blazer: Mango similar HERE

Jumper: JustFab similar HERE

Trousers: TopShop similar HERE

Bag: JustFab

Loafers: ModainPelle


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