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Is all about the details

 Last Sunday was finally good weather the perfect day to wear my open back peplum top as the weather gets better I just want to be wearing less layers over my clothes this look was perfect and chic for the occasion  casual chic love the pearl necklace it gives a nice touch to this look specially when everything is plain and simple

What I Was Wearing:
Sunglasses: celine
Peplum top: courtesy of AXPARIS
Burgundy pants: H&M
Sandals: zara this season
Bag: courtesy of VIPARO
Blazer: zara last year 

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Rainy days

I took this pictures a few days ago I love winter but sometimes I don’t cause the days get  darker and my pictures are not getting any better with this darkness and rainy days but I try my best. I got this awesome boots from UDOBUY just before Christmas and went to buy Christmas present with them I was impress of how many people stop me by on the street to tell me how lovely this boots are well I love this boots I love the metal cap that brings this chic touch to this boots I never had blue boots before so when UDOBUY told me to pick one pair I knew they would be this one as my look I choose something kind of preppy and easy going to go shopping I pair a golden sequin collar blouse with the boots that goes perfectly together hope you like this comfy look and hope you all had a wonderful Merry Christmas Thanks so much for your lovely comments I so appreciate them and believe me you always make my day and love reading every one of them.

What I was Wearing:
Hat/bag: zara
Blouse: courtesy of ROMWE 
sunglasses: Celine
coat: mango
Boots: courtesy of UDOBUY 

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Burgundy leather pants

The burgundy leather pants yes  I finally got my hands into those pants even though they are not real leather it doesn’t matter they look like one it  can make every look looks different I always love to have colour in my outfits  and love how chic it looks lucky for me my foots weren’t freezing  cause it was a really nice weather ;D I also got that beautiful handmade necklace from one of my followers she was so lovely and kind to send me one of her creation love it you can check out her blog HERE for cool outfits and more handmade things ;D and thanks so much sweetie for your lovely necklace.

What I was wearing:
Hat: zara
stripe sweater: H&M last year
Leather fake burgundy pants: H&M
Heels: zara
Handmade necklace: gifted by Styleglaze Blog
Jacket: zara
Bag: courtesy of  ARAFEEL  

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