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Yellow Polka dots

The yellow dress I have always wanted one and when I saw it  felt in love with the small printed hearts that the dress has so pretty  so glad the weather is getting better Have a great day you all.
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What I was wearing:
yellow dress: H&M last year
Polka dots: tights pieces
Old booties: van dalen
leather jacket: H&M
hat: H&M
Bag; courtesy of Arafeel

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Hello Cupid Called

Hello Gorgeous, and here we are with my inspiration post from yesterday  I told you I already had the pink jeans before I bought them I had 2 different colours to choose the pink ones and the yellow one and as I’m really difficult to decided wich one to buy for me I had bought the two of them but think I did the right choice cause they are bright,girly and they finally fit me from head to toes I’m always having problems with jeans that doesn’t fit my length and this one are perfect  I decided to have a girly look  actually I wanted to mix my heart pink sweater with my light blue jeans  but ended on styling this totally pink outfit  I only have a few pictures cause the sun was not shining that day I hate it when it happens ;( cause I don’t get good pictures.
Have a wonderful week you all
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Hat: H&M
Heart pink sweater: New look similar Here
Pink neon jeans: Cars similar Here
Wedges: zara similar Here
bag: Courtesy of Arafeel
sunnies: Mango similar Here

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Neon pink sweater

Neon pink ahhhhhh How I love it I style this girly outfit with my Polka dots tights  I’m so into neon colours as pastel colour right now and specially pink is so girly  weather is getting nice over here that I don’t feel cold any more so good I hope it stays like this  have a wonderful weekend you all.
Ps: Thanks so much for your nice comments I so apreciated them 

What I was wearing:
Hat: H&M
sweater/skirt: zara
wedges: zara
tights: pieces
belt: moschino vintage

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Boy Meets Girl Look

I have been wearing these leggings I think all week long LOL I love them the colour the texture they are so comfy and cozy at the same time  I wore this look just to be relax and to walk for a while with friends sometimes our feets need a break don’t you think and since this brogues are so comfy to walk in I style my outfit  a bit boyish look LOL don’t worry my next outfit is gonna be girly keep you posted it
with love Virgit xXx

What was I wearing:
Hat: H&M
Blouse/leggins/brogues: zara this season
bag: New look
coat: Bruuns bazaar

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Cat,Lady,cool. MEOW!

One day left and we gonna start a new year before starting the new year wanted to share this look with you as some of you who are following me on facebook know that I bought a leopard coat so here you go my outfit picture with my leopard coat  I adore it is so cozy like a teddy beer I just felt in love with it before buying it I had my doubt about this coat but I don’t regret it cause is so worth it and love it  so chic and edgy  do you have any plans for new years eve …????

What was I wearing:
hat: H&M
leopard coat: New look this season
dress: gift
booties: zara
clutch: zara
ring/bracelets: new look

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