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Baby doll dress

A cute girly doll dress I have wanting to have this dress for such a long time but never could find a store who could actually sell them here in Holland as I have seen those cute dresses by  Alexa Chung  wearing those baby doll dresses and I just adore the way she wear the dresses so I have always trying to find a dress like these I love the small flower print of the dress cause it makes me feel I’m in Spring  right now as I mix this green dress with pink and purple just to combined them with the small flowers what do you think of this cute dress I adore it <
Ps: The website where I recieve the dress doesn’t want to reload ;( 
I only wish it was sunnie and I could have wear this look with my hat booo

What I was wearing:
Dress: courtesy of Koogul
Bag: NewLook
Heels: altrasa

Sunnies: Mango

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Purple dots

Purple I must say is one of my favourite colours but don’t even own so much  clothes in purple as I should own so I decide to combinated my purple sweater with my polka dots nude shorts and my polka dot tights and my amazing Chloe look like boots and love the result I love happy outfits like this cause they always made my day and specially now that is snowing and everyone is wearing black I love to look different and have my own style .
How have been your weekend so far ???

What I was wearing:
Hat/blouse: zara
bag: New look
sweater/shorts: H&M
tights: pieces
Chloe look like boots: vintage

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Barok ‘N Roll

When i saw this sweater I felt in love again LOL I always fall in love with the clothes I  see in the stores lol I think the same happens to you but this sweater was again the last one hanging there and in my size I just could not avoid buying it and on sale for only 12 euros so cheap but luxury and cozy  wishing you all a wonderful weekend
with love Virgit

What I was wearing:
Sweater: New look On sale
blue glittery skirt: zara
boots: New look
Burgundy Bag: New look
bracelet: Newlook

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Boy Meets Girl Look

I have been wearing these leggings I think all week long LOL I love them the colour the texture they are so comfy and cozy at the same time  I wore this look just to be relax and to walk for a while with friends sometimes our feets need a break don’t you think and since this brogues are so comfy to walk in I style my outfit  a bit boyish look LOL don’t worry my next outfit is gonna be girly keep you posted it
with love Virgit xXx

What was I wearing:
Hat: H&M
Blouse/leggins/brogues: zara this season
bag: New look
coat: Bruuns bazaar

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