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Light blue like the sky

Photos by Iris Dijkers (  
 It was so windy and cold when Iris took this pictures it is really hard to shoot specially in windy day’s  I try to mix blue and light blue together with brown and love the mix of it today I’m going to a blogger event I’m so excited to see all the bloggers together again and meet new ones Happy Wednesday

What I Was Wearing:
Beanie: Manjewell
Sweater: courtesy of Awwdore
Brown skirt: courtesy of CHICWISH
Coat: zara
Boots: Udobuy
Bag: speedy louis vouitton 

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Since I was inspired by pastel colours this is my outfit  with pastel colours love it and since is snowing  I love to wear winter outfits but I extremely miss to wear skirts LOL have a wonderful tuesday you all.
PS: I fix my camera my autofocus was off need to learn more  about it so I gonna have a workshop in march can’t wait, thanks so much for your advice

What I was wearing:
hat: zara
turtlesweater: h&m old
vest: coolcat old
pants: zara
booties: sacha
bag: Louis vouitton

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New year// New hair look

And this is my new hair colour I got a bit blonder what do you think it looks good of not I could not use do it all the week seen those big blond highlights on my hair LOL ;p I bought this cosy sweater at zara is the most cosy sweater ever love it so much is so soft too and the pants too I felt in love with the colour  wishing you all a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY BEAUTIFUL READERS I gonna be preparing my dessert tomorrow what do you guys are going to do for special dishes  God bless you all besos Virgit

What I was wearing:
cosy teddy beer sweater: zara this season
purple/pink pants: new look this season
leopard boots: New look
speedy bag: Louis vouiton
necklace: gift
bracelet: H&M

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Into the Wild

HELLO GALS AND GENTS I’m so into animal print right now  loving this outfit I know I’m wearing almost head to toes black but the leopard print give’s this outfits an Amazing result love this  Hope u all have an amazing Saturday enjoy the weekend Kisses

What I was wearing:
Leopard top : femenine
Black pants/jacket: zara
Boots: New Look
Speedy bag : louis vouiton

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Maffia Girl styled

Look of the day Maffia Girl this outfit was an eye catching on the street I’m sorry for the few pictures I got  I did’nt got the chance to shoot with my Lovely friend Melissa ;( but at least something right LOL have a great sunday My Lovely’s.
Mi look del día la chica Maffia LOL con este traje capture las miradas de muchos en la calle LOL perdonen que tenga pocas fotos pero no eh podido tomar fotos con Melissa que tengan un lindo domingo mis queridas besitos xXX
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What I was wearing:
Hat: pieces
top: jane and norman
blazer: zara
shorts: H&M
sandals : H&m
bag: louis vouiton spedy bag

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