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The cape

I love trying different hair styles sometimes I have those days when I only want to wear hats and sometimes I want to be different then everyone else with this hair style the funny fact is that I always do this hair in the winter don’t know why LOL what about you do you have any  special hair style you love to do??

What I was wearing:
Earrings: H&M
Sunglasses: Celine Audrey 
Cape: courtesy of NowIstyle
Sweater: courtesy of wholesaleorder
pants: courtesy of NowIstyle
boots: sacha
bag: Mulberry Alexa
Gloves: Mango
bracelet: gifted by my BFF

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Since I was inspired by pastel colours this is my outfit  with pastel colours love it and since is snowing  I love to wear winter outfits but I extremely miss to wear skirts LOL have a wonderful tuesday you all.
PS: I fix my camera my autofocus was off need to learn more  about it so I gonna have a workshop in march can’t wait, thanks so much for your advice

What I was wearing:
hat: zara
turtlesweater: h&m old
vest: coolcat old
pants: zara
booties: sacha
bag: Louis vouitton

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