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Paris is such a beautiful city hope to go there one day I still remember when I bought this bag at a vintage store years ago before I even started the blog Louis Vuitton will always be a classic one don’t you think and even if you buy it vintage it looks beautiful than new and a little bit cheaper then the original price ;D. I have been cleaning my closet lately specially in my shoes area and I finally got to count how many pair of shoes I own well  I own 75 pair of shoes but I still have to count the shoes I have in the basement is crazy how addicted I got to shoes I have more shoes then bags seriously  and soon I will update my store so that you can shop there I gonna be selling a beautiful pair of shoes that I love but for some reason I don’t know my foots are getting smaller and some of my shoes are too big for me now is seriously weird did it ever happen this to you before cause I keep asking my self if it is me or are more people out there with the same problem Thanks so much for reading sweeties wishing a wonderful weekend ahead.

What I’m Wearing:
Sunglasses: courtesy of ZEROUV
Coat: sandro via Maasmechellen village
Paris Sweater: courtesy of CHICNOVA
Pants: MANGO

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The day’s are coming closer

Photo credits Saranda (

I know since I got this coat I haven’t stop wearing it  I don’t know it is like that with me when I like something I  tend to wear it a lot of times till I get tired haha and I’m so excited to go to Amsterdam Fashion week I still have to figured out what to wear HELP! ;D Happy Tuesday

What I Was Wearing:
Hat: H&M
Coat: Sandro via Maasmechelen village in black HERE
Skirt: MANGO
Sweater: courtesy of  UDOBUY
Boots: giuseppe zanotti
Bag: Supertrash
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Tartan Challenge

I have been away for two day’s not blogging was  killing me, but here an other look wearing tartan this time was a challenge to style this dress but without wearing to much black and add a new colour that goes by like this coat I don’t know but it goes so perfect love this mix of colour together nude and dark red tartan .
 I attended yesterday my first fashion show for this winter updates about that soon on the blog so stay tuned .

What I was wearing:
Dress: courtesy of OMGFASHION
Coat: Sandro via Maasmechelen village
Boots: CHLOE
Necklace: zara

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Photos by Iris Dijkers ( 
 This is the coat I got for the sale at the Maasmechelen village I can’t still believe it is mine I’m so in love with the colour of it ;D and this sweater is so cute and funny I like the cupcakes print on it  as some of you ask me what do I do to keep my self in shape well I haven’t done hardly any diet in my life never nowadays I’m cycling to keep myself in shape twice a week Happy Sunday!  sweeties.

Jumper: courtesy of Mrgugu&Msgo
Leather skirt: MANGO 
Coat: Sandro by Maasmechelen village but same in black HERE
Bag:courtesy of ARAFEEL
Boots: courtesy of MARUTI

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Shopping Experience at Maasmechelen Village

January the 3th I was invited to go to MAASMECHELEN VILLAGE  with some others bloggers to experience the shopping Sale over there I had never been there before so I was really excited to go there specially after seeing  which shops were there like Maje and Sandro one of my french favorite stores were you find really high quality garments.
  My trip started with a luxury chauffeur-driver that took us to the MAASMECHELEN VILLAGE in Belgian when we got there we were welcome with Champagne plus a goodie bag and we got €100 gift card to spend plus that day we got even more discount on every garment after that we were starving and went to one of the restaurants  to have lunch and where we ate the most yummy hamburgers I have ever eaten  <3 after that the first thing I did was looking around and ran to the Maje and Sandro store to hopefully find my desire leather pants but unfortunately they only had in burgundy I try that camel coat that some of you saw it already on my instagram and bought it from the Sandro store with 80% discount how cool is that and bought something else that I will show you soon, my shopping experience at MAASMECHELEN VILLAGE was a blast I bought two garments with 80% discount both of them.
 It is unbelievable how much discount they give you there so I will definitely  go back to score more label items there they even have versace and Michael kors and many more so if you wanna have one of those labels and don’t want to spend much money on it I recommend you to go there, I’m so happy with my new garments got label clothes without spending much how lucky ;D and have you ever been to MAASMECHELEN VILLAGE ? if yes what is your experience would love to know about it.
A big thanks to MAASMECHELEN VILLAGE for the great experience 

It was lovely meeting this beauties Jennie and Marlieke they even score nice items 

Marlieke and I we bought the same sandro coat that we love so much

Jennie and I at the Sandro store

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