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In the woods

I rarely shoot in the parks cause I think in the city always you have better background but I love this background some  how probably because it goes so well with this noisy may jacket I love sporty jackets cause they look awesome with skirts and baseball jackets are the ones I needed in my closet the mix of denim and leather will never get out of mode it goes so well together ;D and I’m so happy the weather is so good spring is over here yeahh and what do you think about this jacket would you rather wear it with skirts or trousers?

Photos by Carmen leenen

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Sunglasses: celine
Jacket: Noisy May
Bag:Louis Vuitton and Here

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Paris is such a beautiful city hope to go there one day I still remember when I bought this bag at a vintage store years ago before I even started the blog Louis Vuitton will always be a classic one don’t you think and even if you buy it vintage it looks beautiful than new and a little bit cheaper then the original price ;D. I have been cleaning my closet lately specially in my shoes area and I finally got to count how many pair of shoes I own well  I own 75 pair of shoes but I still have to count the shoes I have in the basement is crazy how addicted I got to shoes I have more shoes then bags seriously  and soon I will update my store so that you can shop there I gonna be selling a beautiful pair of shoes that I love but for some reason I don’t know my foots are getting smaller and some of my shoes are too big for me now is seriously weird did it ever happen this to you before cause I keep asking my self if it is me or are more people out there with the same problem Thanks so much for reading sweeties wishing a wonderful weekend ahead.

What I’m Wearing:
Sunglasses: courtesy of ZEROUV
Coat: sandro via Maasmechellen village
Paris Sweater: courtesy of CHICNOVA
Pants: MANGO

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Louis vouitton Iconic mini bags

I think I have played this video more than 10 times already I love it is so playful and fun I admire Bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta , Elin kling and Miroslava Duma I think they are the perfect Girls to be in the video and ohhh I’m so in love with the bags enjoy watching it love that song as well

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Louis vuitton pastel gradient effect dress

Louis Vuitton was the reason that I got obsessed with pastel colours after seen they spring 2012  collection I felt in love with those lace dresses and all those pastel colours and after looking in all the shops to find a similar dress like the one from Louis Vuitton I finally founded in Romwe and now they are even sold out Romwe have amazing clothes you should have a look , the dress have 3 different pastel colours baby pink, yellow and blue I tell you cause you can not really appreciated on the pictures cause was a nice sunny day so happy it was and I finally did something with my hair LOL tomorrow hair inspirations on my blog so stay tuned

What I was wearing:
Prada look like sunglasses: courtesy of ROMWE 
 Hollowed Flower Gradient Effect Dress: courtesy of ROMWE
Pastel baby blue bag: accesories
Cream wedges: zara
Pearl bracelet: otazu
neon bracelet: market

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