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Inspirations of the week

It has been such along time since I haven’t post and inspiration post with the outfits I love so here a few which one is your favorite ??? I still love the space sweaters they are something so unique about them that I love and a cool leather jacket I still need to find the perfect one just like the one from Cara delevingne is wearing I got upset when I couldn’t buy the one at zara that just look like the one she is wearing in that picture ;( but I hope even better leather jackets will come on my pad so lets hope  
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Miroslava duma looks amazing love her sence of style

Pictures from google if you know someone on this pictures that you may know the name of please leave me a message so I’ll added it  thanks

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Louis vouitton Iconic mini bags

I think I have played this video more than 10 times already I love it is so playful and fun I admire Bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta , Elin kling and Miroslava Duma I think they are the perfect Girls to be in the video and ohhh I’m so in love with the bags enjoy watching it love that song as well

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