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I Think I have been wearing my zipped jacket all week long never get tired of it and when I like something I just wear it in 10 different ways  today I decided to upload bigger pictures cause bigger pictures are always better it looks much better and u can apreciate it more I’m planning on changing my Header again if you know about someone creative who can help me out   doing it or if you are talented u are very welcome would love to put your draw or paint header into my blog .
Had alot of comments of girls who love my outfit on the street LOL they love how I was wearing my tights in two different colours they are so unique but as you know me I love to wear unique stuff but well I know not always but most of the time
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What I was wearing:
Hat: H&M
Bow Blouse: Villa
Green dots skirt: Monki
Zipped jacket: Zara
Over the knee tights /boots: New look
Green bag: Arafeel
Vintage belt: Moschino

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MY 80’s vintage sweater

I so felt in love when I saw this sweater in a Vintage store the colours are so Amazing and so girly this is just my perfect vintage sweater  I think I gonna be wearing it all week long gosh I can wear it in so different styles and is so warm Love vintage sweater, it is SALE by the way in H&M I bought some new stuff that you will see it soon and for good prices kisses Virgit

What I was wearing:
Hat: H&M
sweater: vintage
skirt: Monki
tights: accesories
boots: zara
bag: H&M
gloves : river island
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