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Moschino Black and White

 My crush for Moschino designs started when I felt in love with the moschino vintage belt and since then Moschino is one of my favorite designers and absolutely my style girly, fun , preppy elegant and sometimes even colourful I don’t gonna lie to you I wish I had the money to buy the real designs who doesn’t right but I think I rather spend my money in good bags and heels but love to look for similar garments like this dress who else love moschino and there designs I think alot of you might do I know that the trend black and white is so in but I couldn’t avoid adding a little bit of red and the gorgeous heart shape bag.

What I Was Wearing:
Dress: courtesy of UDOBUY 
Necklace: zara
Heart bag: mango old but similar HERE
Heels: Valentino Rocks studds
Baret: H&M but similar HERE 
Sunglasses: CELINE 

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Mint and brown

It is nothing better then wearing leather jackets paired with a skirt and bare legs I so love the spring weather and can’t get enough of this heels I look so much taller then I’m lol and they are so easy to walk in I bought this skirt from the new collection from H&M new icon love when model collaborate with big brands only a shame I couldn’t get the leather jacket was sold out everywhere did one of you got something from the collection if so what ?? but got the skirt so I’m happy.

mint top: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Leather jacket: courtesy of ARAFEEL
skirt: H&M new icon collection
Necklace: H&M last year
Bag: mulberry alexa
Heels: Yves saint laurent
sunglasses: celine 

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Chanel pearls

 As they said that black and white is new trend I decided to play with this colours and adding a touch of blue and red lips makes this look look so chic and elegant I love blazers so much and HAPPY QUEENSDAY already for everyone.

What I Was Wearing:
Sunglasses: celine
Blouse: courtesy of SUGARLIPS
Blazer: zara
Pants: zara
Heels: zara
Bag: courtesy of CHOIES 

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The factory sweater

I still remember when I was in highschool didn´t even follow trends at all and now if I see a new trend and really like it I follow it and as I love unique pieces this one is one of those cases like the Balenciaga sweater that was in the fall-winter collection of 2012 I don´t know is something about those sweater that make me want them probably because they are so original.

What I was Wearing
Beanie Manjewell
Sunglasses celine
Blouse courtesy of Romwe
sweater courtesy of ROMWE
Purple pants gifted
boots river island
bag zara
bracelet gifted    

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