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Barkin dog sweater

And I finally I got my hands into this wonderful sweater after seen it on so many famous celebrities of course is not the real deal but who cares it looks like the real one from Givenchy why spending more and love the details on the back such shame didn’t make pictures from the back I was in a hurry and it was starting to rain booo ;( love how this look turn on so edgy and cool at the same time I so love my velvet leggings they keep me warm in this winter time and the sweater too as you saw it on my last look I cut my hair it looks more fresh now ;D

What I was Wearing:
Beanie: zara men
Sweater: courtesy of ROMWE
Velvet legging: courtesy of ROMWE
Coat: zara
Gloves/boots : river island
Bag: zara
Sunglasses: celine 

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Velvet burgundy + romwe sale

I have been so busy all this week hope to have more time this weekend and read all your blogs , I finally got my hands into this velvet burgundy leggings from romwe and now they are doing a sale on there page you can check it out, and I wanna thanks everyone for your comment at my blog I really appreciated and gonna be checking yours soon.

What I was Wearing:
Sunglasses: Mango
Blazer: vintage
Blouse: vila
Legggings: courtesy of ROMWE 
Heels: River island

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