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Hi my lovelies,
I’m so excited to share a look of mine that I repeat time and time again. There’s something so simplistic yet refreshing about a red blazer , tassel jeans and the sexiest heels for spring. If you have been following me since the beginning, you may remember that I use to wear this blazer a lot  from a few years back. I always received compliments on this heels and got soooo many questions on it. I wore it so much that it is started to show its wear. Anyways, it was one of my favourites heels for special occasions,  What makes a look like this so fun is making sure that you where a turtle neck sweater adds an unexpected element to it:  looking more sophisticated. If you check out the widgets below at the end of this post, you’ll see where I rounded up a bunch of similar garments like mine that all have a fun detail as I mentioned above.

What I Was Wearing:

Baker cap: H&M similar HERE

Blazer: Zara old similar HERE

Turtle neck: H&M similar HERE

Jeans: Isawitfirst

Bag: Alexander McQueen

Heels: JustFab


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