Vintage Classics

Hi my lovelies and happy Tuesday!! I am back again today with  almost two weeks of not posting anything around here, to be honest I finally stop procrastinating and I’m back and getting more things done.  Today I’m sharing  vintage finds in Newcastle upon tyne and am so excited to share them all with you all on here, after I met Louisa a couple of times we decide to shoot together and I pick one of my favourites in her vintage store. There’s just something so fun about finding great pieces in a vintage store that nobody else has and for  for incredible prices. And based on the feedback I’ve received, you all seem to really enjoy it as well.  Because who doesn’t love vintage and I love mixing modern edgy pieces with vintage won’t you agree? Today I have also some great accessories such as the bag and sunglasses, that you can  also find at Trendlistr.
Photography by Louisa Rogers

What I Was wearing:

Top: Vintage via Trendlistr

Trousers: Reiss

Bag: Vintage via Trendlistr

Mules: clave design

Watch: Christian Paul and similar HERE


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