Alexander wang x H&M

After seen all the collection of Mrs Wang , I was kind of disappointed I expected to see more of his collection and this are the 4 looks I like the most out of it specially the dresses are a must very sporty and minimalistic in his way I don’t know if you are crazy about his collection like other people but I have to admit that the collection from Isabel Marant from last year was much better would love to heard your thoughts about this discussion but of course everyone has they own taste in clothes but I just expected so much more from his collection .

The collection will be in the H&M stores and online November the 6th.



Happy Saturday!



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4 thoughts on “Alexander wang x H&M

  1. I don’t like at all this collection. Some of the items seem clothes from the garbage or from thrift shops. I bet a fashion blogger can create something much better than this collection.
    Don’t know why so many girls are crazy about the collection, maybe because it’s a designer one and they see celebrities wearing these.
    I wouldn’t wear any of these, not even paid!

    1. I think the same dear , but I only like the dresses from his collection the rest is not really my taste I really though the collection would be much better .

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