Feeling Navy


It is official Spring and I have been away for ages I’m glad Í’m back got some personal issues to solve and couldn’t blog as I normally do every day, I haven’t got a photographer at the moment as well so it makes it harder to blog as well but will keep on posting content on the blog.

Wore this ChiChiLondon dress for a date night out with someone <3 hehe a couple days ago and love this new heels they are so comfy as well, and yes you are seen good I’m not wearing tights I’m kind of learning how English girls survive in Winter without wearing tights well the differences over here then Holland is that everyone gets on the taxi to the clubs and I always use to go  with my bike but I still haven’t learn to go out without my coat I can’t survive but without tights yeah is not that bad ;D.

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What I Was Wearing:

Chocker: H&M similar HERE

Dress: ChiChiLondon

Heels: LittleMistress


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