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When planning your outfit, be aware of how the look might make the bride feel. You don’t want to be wearing a long maxi white dress just like her, you will be steeling her show. Black and white used to be absolutely banned for guests, but times have changed. A pretty black dress is now totally acceptable, especially for an evening wedding. Personally, i’d still steer clear of white, unless it’s mixed into a print or worn with color. And keep the cleavage to a minimum… not only is sexy inappropriate for a religious ceremony, but upstaging the bride in any way is considered a faux pas. This is her day, let her shine!

What I love about this top and skirt by Vesper247 is that the colours are fun, I seriously rather wear colours to a wedding  then just the boring black, black is always safe but still if you don’t know what to wear navy can be an option.



img_3983 img_3628 img_3933 img_4222 img_4151 img_3974

What I was Wearing:

Blouse: Vesper247

Skirt: Vesper247

Clutch: Bagenvy

Heels: Valentino

Watch: Marc Bale

Bracelet: The Peachbox



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