Pom Pom Playsuit


Yeah for the weekend! is finally here I have enjoy my week so far I just start been a volunteer at a museum were you can wear Victorian costumes, I felt like a different person wearing those clothes, I was lucky to meet Michel Portillo in person who works for the BBC, I took part for the documentary of John Walker the inventor of the matches so I will have my 5 seconds of fame on tv in January will let you know when it comes online or on tv.

Hope you all had a great week so far! thanks for stopping by,



img_6005 img_5874 img_5947 img_5978 img_5736

What I Was Wearing:

Hat: EcuaAndino

Leather jacket: Mango

Playsuit: Liquornpoker

Boots: VanHaren

Bag: Purificacion Garcia similar HERE

Watch: Christian Paul



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