Reflecting on Covid19

Hello my lovelies,

Honestly, I have for the most part been really happy and content  I have my days when I have my ups and downs  and then  remember the good old times with my friends, like this shot I did with Ionna in February I guessed it was just before the Covid19 started here in the UK.  I’m blessed to have incredible friends despite being in different countries that we still keep in touch and they always make my day when we chat for hours on FaceTime.

I have had my days when sometimes I spend my day laying in bed until 15:00pm in the afternoon despite having so much to do with my blog. I know that trying to get out of it is so difficult. If you too battle with depression, you are not alone sometimes I asked myself if it is depression or procrastination? but It’s ok not to be ok sometimes and to feel that way.

After 2 months I’m back  I feel so much energetic and inspired  then ever and  feeling very positive, good vibes only!!!  To be honest despite having all the time in the world to  update my blog, I just didn’t felt to do so and took time to reconnect with myself like doing meditation such as Yoga early in the morning, exercise more then ever as well watching series like Mad Men and too hot to handle. I was so obsessed with the 60’s after watching the series that I got so inspired to start doing 60’s hair style and dress up more like in that era. Can you believe I watch Mad Men in one week with 7 seasons and 13 episodes each season it was mental but I loved it.

I decided to read more as well  I read the Ikigai book and learning every day more about the human mind ” Psychology” and trying to disconnect myself from social media like doing a proper detox has helped me a lot to find my inner peace.

LOVE HEALS. Hope keeps us going. Fear is a pandemic. Hatred is a virus. When all else fails, bring LOVE back to the table. LOVE HEALS.

No matter what you believe, at the end of the day, what matters most is the health, wellness, and recovery of our loved ones. This virus made me realise that COVID19 is not seeing if you are poor or rich, we all are in the  same boat at this moment of time.  May we all strive to end suffering on this planet, live with compassion, and be of service however we can.


Fast forward to today, while it might feel lonely at times due to the physical isolation, we must remember that we are truly all in this together. No one country is isolated. No individual is alone in this experience.

There is so much to learn from all this, I guess there is a positive side on everything. I believe the earth is healing in a way. I believe our human connection is growing stronger. I know we will all appreciate our health and freedom even more than ever before.

I believe we will get through this just fine, it will be ok and even more glorious than before.

I will continue posting my regular looks, as I said before got enough content to post still even from last year. I even got a tripod to make portraits at home and a ring light. So stay tuned for some self portraits very soon.




Virgit xXx


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