Malecon 2000


Hi Dolls,

I have been eating so much Ecuadorian food this weekend !!!  that soon I will show you, what are my favorite Ecuadorian dishes that I LOVE <3.

I had a blast, I have to enjoy as much as possible before I leave ;D

I wore this sleeveless blazer that I love and I must say it has become  a classy piece , specially in hot weathers is a must have .




f14 f6 f9 f f1 f2  f13

What I Was Wearing:

Sunglasses: Celine similar by ASOS

Crop top: boohoo similar by Asos

Skirt: zara similar by Asos

Sleeveless blazer: zara similar by Asos

Heels: Senso via Asos

Bag: Proenza schouler similar by Asos




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